The benefits of Virtual Training Sessions Shortest and crispest way of professional learning


Virtual Learning @ 120 minutes – the best you can getThe end objective is not learning but action and results!

Fourth Quadrant holds experience and expertise in ‘results from training’ space. With 195 loyal clients backing the results we have achieved from training, Fourth Quadrant is a pioneer in virtual training solutions. Skillfully curated content which balances self-learning, practice and application of learning, gets the learner to be on the driver’s seat of the learning journey. Spare the learners of knowledge download sessions, get them the experience of high impact-high engagement sessions which produce real-time results at workplace.

Our MethodologyPractice intensive learning in easy consumption chunks.

120 minutes
Reat time

We begin with end in mind. The end is not learning but it’s implementation.

  1. The self learning chunk focuses on establishing concept base through mail/eLearning/mLearning platform. The exercise ends with learners identifying situations from workplace for learning implementation.
  2. The interactive virtual 120 minute session deepens the understanding of the concept and helps create fluency of learning implementation through practice.
  3. Post program support is also offered through progress monitoring, coaching, reiteration of learning as required.

By the time the programs ends, the learners are ready to convert the learning to application and results at workplace. There can’t be a shorter route to such high impact learning.

What makes it work for organizations?The top 4 reasons why you should join our virtual learning @ 120 minutes revolution right away

  1. Learning content is curated using the proprietary ATAC model of Fourth Quadrant that has yielded 42 ROI projects for clients over a decade.
  2. Learning modules are plug and play with the ability to create sustained learning series for organizations.
  3. High amount of customization capacity to client organizations with specific case studies and workplace context.
  4. Interactive and practice intensive content for internalization of concepts and skills.

Topics CoveredPrograms are available in the following areas of professional skills

  • Leadership and Management
  • Presentation & Communication
  • Training and Learning Systems
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Personal and Professional Effectiveness

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